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Welcome to 3-G Products, your one stop site for your rust control requirements


      Rust Control Before and After We offer you a range of tried and tested rust removal products and a wide range of rust converters and whatever your application, our easy to use products will provide the low-cost solution you desire.

If you are
removing rust, refurbishing a rusted building, manufacturing new products or would simply like to protect your costly assets against rust, we have the products and expertise to assist.

Our products are suitable for industrial applications through to D.I.Y. solutions.

Extreme and high temperature environments - the RostFort range has the product to suit your application.


The RostFort range of rust control products includes:


     •  Rust removal - RostPrep

      •  Rust converters (solvent-based) - RostFort ST / RostFort XT / RostFort B-1

      •  Rust converters (water-based) - RostFort H20 / RostFort H20 Black

     •  Three-in-one products - RostFort Silver / RostFort Black

      •  Application specific rust converters - we will provide the best product for your application
Rusted Carport


Our customers use the RostFort range of rust control products for the following applications:


      Rusted   •  Rust removal and rust control for pipelines and conveyor lines

   •  Rust refurbishment on oil rigs, steel bridges and other metal structures in need of daily rust repair
   •  Rust protection on new machinery, equipment and implements

   •  Protect and prolong the life of palisade fencing, car ports, gates, burglar bars and outdoor furniture

   •  Rust protection in high temperature / high acidic / high alkaline environments

  •  Refurbish and maintain shipping containers

   •  Refurbishment of roofs, IBR sheeting and metal structures

  •  Refurbish and maintain cell phone towers and radio masts

   •  Underground mining applications such as mine shaft refurbishment (applied to damp surfaces)


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