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Suggested applications for the RostFort range of rust control products:


      Corroded Pipes

The RostFort range of rust and corrosion control products has been used for numerous applications, in a wide range of environments.

From large scale refurbishment projects to daily household use, there is a product to suit your rust control needs.


Industrial and mining applications:


     •  Pipeline refurbishment - remove rust and corrosion without sandblasting using RostPrep. Apply the RostFort rust converters for protection
         against future rust. Especially suitable for highly corrosive environments

      •  Mine shaft refurbishment - RostFort H20 is the perfect, safe, non-flammable product that will convert existing rust and provide protection
         for costly assets from further rust. Can be applied to damp surfaces

     •  Factory restoration and maintenance - complete rust removal and rust protection of metal sheeting and roofing

     •  Chemical manufacturing plant maintenance - fix and repair areas damaged in this highly corrosive environment

     •  Coating of steel - use in the manufacturing process to prevent the onset of rust

     •  Oil platform maintenance - use to protect electrical boxes and housings to prevent rust

     •  Ship and boat rust protection - protect valuable assets in this highly corrosive environment and reduce maintenance time and costs

     •  Safe restoration - use to restore walk in safes and structures that can't be removed for maintenance

     •  Farm implements - restore rusty equipment to extend the service life

     •  Cell phone tower refurbishment - environmentally safe and easy to apply (used by major cellular service providers in South Africa)

     •  Roof refurbishment - cost effective solution to roof refurbishment (badly rusted surfaces through to new roofs)


Household and DIY applications:


     •  Townhouse and complex maintenance - cost effective method to refurbish car ports, gates and fencing

      •  Palisade fencing - quick and easy solution to remove and prevent rust

     •  Washing lines - add life to this useful asset

     •  Boat trailers - once coated, the trailer will be suitable for consistent exposure to sea water

     •  Roof refurbishment - spray or paint for quick results

      •  Burglar bars and gates - use as a metal primer and rust protection to prevent rust causing weak areas

     •  Application specific rust converters - we will provide the best product for your application