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   Test Results


Laboratory salt spray testing


A series of salt spray tests were conducted to determine the effectiveness of the rust control products. The following products were evaluated:

     •  RostPrep - rust removal and degreaser

      •  RostFort ST - standard rust converter and metal primer

      •  RostFort XT - rust converter for extreme applications (high acidic and alkaline environments / high temp)


Step one - samples prior to treatment


    Samples before treatment Rusted samples prior to their treatment with the rust converters - RostFort ST and RostFort XT.

Notice the extent to which the corrosion and rust has damaged the samples


Step two - samples after treatment with RostPrep


    RostPrep One of the steel samples after being treated with RostPrep.

The RostPrep is used to degrease and clean the surface to ensure that it is free from oil and grease.


Step three - samples after treatment with RostFort


    After RostFort Several of the samples after treatment with the rust converters - RostFort ST and RostFort XT.

Notice how the RostFort ST and the RostFort XT have reacted and have formed a dark protective coating.

This will now protect the surface offering a high degree of rust control.


Step four - salt spray test on the RostPrep sample


    RostPrep after 250 hours Condition of the RostPrep (degreaser) sample after 250 hours of salt fog exposure.

Notice how the RostPrep offered a large degree of protection against the salt fog.

After 250 hours there were some rust stains on the surface.


Step five - salt spray test on the RostFort samples


    After RostFort 250 hours Conditions of the samples after 250 hours salt fog exposure, treated initially with RostPrep (degreaser) and then with RostFort ST (left) and RostFort XT (right).

After 250 hours exposure, The RostFort ST sample began showing signs of rust creep while the RostFort XT appeared unaffected.

For this reason, we suggest using RostFort XT for coastal environments, acidic and alkaline environments and in applications where the elements will play a role in rust and corrosion damage.


Step six - salt spray test on the RostFort samples


    RostFort After Condition of the samples treated with RostFort ST (left) and RostFort XT (right) after 250 hours of salt fog exposure.

No RostPrep was applied to these samples prior to the salt fog exposure.

This demonstrated the importance of correct surface preparation by removing loose rust, oily marks and greasy deposits.