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RostPrep - an easy to use and effective rust remover


RostPrep - After

RostPrep is a uniquely formulated product for the effective removal of rust and corrosion from metal surfaces. RostPrep is the ideal product to treat rusted areas and prepare any metal surfaces before applying rust protection or a top coat of paint.

RostPrep is easy to use, cost effective and an excellent alternative to sandblasting and mechanical rust removal methods.

In addition to removing rust, RostPrep will remove oils, grease and dirt from metal and concrete surfaces. RostPrep will also phosphate, key and etch metal surfaces.

can be used on a variety of applications including roofs, IBR sheeting, palisade fencing, pipelines, shipping containers and many other applications where there is a requirement to remove rust.

RostPrep is used in conjunction with the RostFort range of metal primers and rust converters to provide long term rust control solutions to suit your individual needs.


Applications for RostPrep include:


  •  Rust removal from roofs

  •  Rust removal from palisade fencing, gates and burglar bars

   •  Removal of corrosion from pipes and cladding - industrial applications

  •  Etches, primes and phosphates metal surfaces in concentrated form

  •  Clean oils and grease from metal surfaces
RostPrep - Before


Examples of the effectiveness of RostPrep:


RostPrep - Gate Before
Before RostPrep
RostPrep - Gate
After RostPrep
Example of RostPrep used on a gate to remove surface rust before the application of a top coat of paint
RostPrep - Rusted Bar
Before RostPrep
RostPrep - Rusted Bar After
After RostPrep
Example of RostPrep used on a rusted piece of steel reinforcing - application was the removal of rust from steel reinforcing before being used in a bridge
RostPrep - Before disc
Before RostPrep
RostPrep - After disc
After RostPrep
Example of RostPrep used on a rusted disc
RostPrep - Before Plate
Before RostPrep
RostPrep - After Plate
After RostPrep
Example of RostPrep used on a rusted piece of steel used in the manufacture of drill rigs


Advantages of using RostPrep include:

  •  Extremely effective at removing rust and corrosion from metal surfaces

  •  Remove rust in hard to reach places without sandblasting or other costly mechanical methods

  •  Can be used on mild, stainless and galvanized steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metal, concrete and cement

  •  Key, etch and phosphate metal surfaces if used undiluted

  •  Safe and easy to use